We’ve created a range of services that help you get the most from BINGO


Building the

business case

for investment in fundraising

Craig has been responsible for the development, presentation and delivery of complex, multi-year, high value investments in fundraising.

He can work with you to build the perfect business case for your chief executive, board or manager.

We’re also happy to attend crucial meetings and to present our findings and recommendations to the wider team. 

Once we understand your needs, we have a three-step process to help you:

One of the common complaints we hear from fundraisers is that they have to wait too long to access the data they need to make decisions.

We can help you build dashboards and dynamic reports of the most important data you need to manage your programme. We do this by automating data flows between your CRM system and BINGO.


Data visualisation and analysis

Analysis we’ve previously undertaken include:

  • Recency, frequency, value analysis
  • Lifetime value by acquisition source and income streams
  • Second gift rate and retention rates
  • Demographic and location reports so you can understand where your supporters live
  • Machine learning to help you plan the best asks and understand who is at most risk of stopping their support
  • Retention and first payment reports to make sure you are getting the correct clawback from your F2F agencies


Supporter journey planning

There is no point gathering lots of insight if you don’t then use that to inform your fundraising. In fact, insight without action is like a car without an engine – ultimately useless in getting you from A to B!

We don’t just want to provide insight and data. We want to be your trusted partner and help you apply your findings to improve your fundraising.

Craig has written books, articles and worked with charities around the globe on improving supporter experience and creating journeys that work.

As part of the Supporter Experience Collective he has access to a team of fundraising experts who can help you plan and deliver improved journeys.

Our promise to you

After seeing it from both sides, we believe charity and supplier relationships achieve most when they see each other as equal partners.

We will do everything we can to earn your trust, deliver the desired outcomes and to become a long-term partner that helps you deliver (and exceed) your fundraising objectives.

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