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We created BINGO to give you the tools and support you need to revolutionise your budget planning process and generate superior insight. This results in saved time, less stress, better analysis and more money raised. 

Recognise any of these problems?

WASTED TIME on back-and-forth with finance, trustees and senior staff

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES because you don’t have the data you need at your fingertips

FRUSTRATION at delays and inaccurate planning tools

LOST INCOME from not understanding your data

FALLING BEHIND THE COMPETITION as you don’t have the insight you need


We offer you the BINGO Solution

BINGO can help you overcome all of these.

At BINGO we know you’re the kind of fundraiser who wants to be smart and organised. To achieve that you need to be able to plan, report and analyse quickly and efficiently.

The problem is that you spend too much time trying to get your hands on the data you need and pouring over Excel spreadsheets. This is frustrating and makes life harder. We believe the planning and budgeting process doesn’t have to be so painful.

We understand it’s hard, we’ve been there, trust us! 

That’s why we designed these tools to make the whole process easier.

How can bINGO



BINGO is an online budgeting planning tool that helps you plan investment, monitor performance and generate richer insight. It seamlessly integrates with your CRM and Finance system to give you instant reporting on your performance. Combined with our consultancy services, data visualization tools and advanced machine learning, we can become a key member of your insight team.

Five things you get by working with us

Save time on your budgeting process by using our intuitive interface

Visualise your data easily, so people don’t glaze over in meetings

Help plan with confidence and stop your board/chief exec hassling you!

Easily produce and compare different scenarios to build your case for investment

Benchmark against your peers


Whatever your role, BINGO can help you achieve your goals.

Fundraising Director – we help speed up the budgeting and planning process (or even do it for you) and can provide real time data

Head of IG – we can help you secure more investment for your team and make you look good in meetings.

Data geek – get your manager’s approval and simplify processes. Use the time you free up to play with the tools to your hearts content.

Although BINGO is an off-the-shelf solution, we can customise it to suit your needs and ways of working, just like we do for other NGOs.


Planning modules for both in-house and agency acquisition

  • Face to Face
  • DRTV
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing (Upgrade, Reactivation, Supporter Save)
  • Digital Lead Generation and Conversion
  • Continuing Support
  • Options for one-off, monthly and non-monthly donors

Budget Scenarios and Fundraising Channels Comparison
is not possible in Excel, but it’s easily done with BINGO

 What if Analysis This allows you to play round different parameters of your program to the best fundraising metrics for the best ROI

 User Management Multiple roles (Viewer, Planner, Reviewer, Approver) and rights can be assigned depending on the users needs

We provide training programs for new BINGO users

24/7 Global online technical support 

BINGO Security

We ensure data that is transferred between your browser and BINGO is encrypted using SSL.
We host BINGO in Microsoft Azure. The server is located at Azure’s data center in the UK South

We are GDPR compliant

We monitor BINGO traffic and report unusual login and unexpected incidents.

We support 2-factor authentication

We backup your data daily

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